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I also bought a #sailorSaturn #wallscroll to add to my growing collection. Errr. I’m starting to run out of space on my walls though. I have 3 wall scrolls, 6 posters, my family tree, and a few other miscellaneous #pictures.

Got a #corset from one of the dealers at #dragoncon! This thing is freaking amazing for my lower back! I might need to get it relaced in the back because one of the bows got pulled loose when I was in a crowd of ppl. OTL

Look who I found at #dragoncon! I found an Archie! @archiewu

I got a #fox #plush. #dragoncon

@ckitch12 and I at #dragoncon! Now to get a picture with my onee!


【二次】エロくない美少女画像ください http://ift.tt/1qAzE5I



Source for more facts follow NowYouKno

The fact men made this gives me hope.


"Why’d i just say that?"


Galette - As Requested!

One of my #Japanesemaple #saplings is doing brilliantly, in my opinion. I might have to bring this in during the winter, because it’s only in a 2 liter bottle still. #gardening

Also, it looks like it has more than one #sprout from my #avocado #seed? Interesting to see if they continue to grow or not. #gardening

So, I have started an #avocado #tree! :D I have to bring it inside once fall weather really starts coming in, but I’m excited it even sprouted. I had to be so freaking patient with this #seed, but it looks like it’s paying off so far! *^.^*