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I forgot to post this picture the other day! It tools me like 5 shots to get one “decent” picture of this #butterfly. It was really playful and kept flitting around me it was quite pretty. I was hoping to get a shot of it with it’s wings closed but it would barely land except for a few seconds. OTL


My Dearest friend has the most amazing faery garden! Looks like the gates of Avalon! Surrounded by chunks of rose quarts, quartz crystals, gifts and candy! Be still my heart~


untitled by adasinh on Flickr.


"i’M S0 drUnk i cAn’T evn TypE!"



Wtf that shit was BEAUTIFUL!!! Wooow

omg *O* 


My feeble attempt at a makeshift mini-trellis.



Time for more #pattern #drafting ! #cosplay #amnesia #orion #costume #sewing #yaoicon


I made a new pencil case for fall term
Leather exterior, curly fry interior awe yes awe yesss

omg. I freaking love that! haha i would get so hungry every time I would open it. lol 


I made both of these dresses, The Cardcaptor Sakura one last year for Aikon 2013 and the Lolita (Which turned out more like 50’s housewife) this year for my friend. I have yet to make a petticoat that is floofy enough for Sakura.


Hehe seriously though!! #bobbin #sewing #funny #redthread #nixiestitches #frustration