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Hermaphroditism: A Primer on the Biology, Ecology, and Evolution of Dual Sexuality by John C. Avise

"While it is true that members of most sexually reproducing species can be defined as either male or female, those who belong to the rest of the biological world are not so simply understood. Hermaphroditic creatures reproduce both as male and as female individuals, providing a fascinating glimpse into alternative sexual practices in nature and their ecological and evolutionary successes and failures.

Eloquently written by an award-winning biologist and pioneer in molecular ecology, this primer on hermaphroditism traces the phenomenon throughout Earth’s myriad species, accounting for the adaptive significance of alternative sexual systems. Accessible and richly illustrated, the text maps the evolutionary origins of hermaphroditism, as well as its historical instances and fictional representations, underscoring the relevance of dual sexuality to our biological, intellectual, and cultural making. John C. Avise describes the genetics, ecology, phylogeny, and natural history of hermaphroditic plants, fish, and invertebrate animals and details organisms that either reproduce simultaneously as male and female or switch routinely between one sex and the other. Filled with surprising creatures and compelling revelations, this textbook stands alone in its clear yet comprehensive treatment of hermaphroditism and its unique challenge to the supremacy of separate sexes.”


Finding Nemo’s story would have been a lot different if the writers took this into account

Source:  New Scientist, Volume 131, Issues 1785-1788


Maria makes Ichigo a seaweed bento, Aikatsu!, Episode 95.


*キャラ弁* 簡単 ぞうさん♡パオーン♪パオーン♪  お鼻のなが~いぞうさんだよU・J・U♡


*キャラ弁* 簡単 ぞうさん♡
パオーン♪パオーン♪  お鼻のなが~いぞうさんだよU・J・U♡




白ごはん よつばのお弁当ウインナー黒胡椒炒め かぼちゃのきび糖煮 ごぼうとにんじんのきんぴら ちぎり揚げコーン&枝豆 ゆでオクラ ゆで卵 プチトマト (via saya @il_cutito | Websta (Webstagram))


A surprising bento where the curry is hidden under a layer of rice!

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Episode 11


Sailor Moon Crystal (Episode 5) - Sailor Jupiter - Makoto Kino - Accessory Appreciation Post


Add a specialized touch to your next bento!!! With these kawaii eggs :D

Source: http://goo.gl/EgkawD